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 Fire Engineering: Fire and Training Podcast


Filling in for Chief Douglas Cline, host Chris Baker interviews Deputy Chief Steve Prziborowski on the FDIC International 2019 conference.  Tune in and listen to this post-FDIC show with some nuggets and takeaways for those interested in submitting a proposal to present at FDIC 2020. 


fire engineering talk radio

Live from FDIC International 2019: Thursday, April 11, 2019


Watch: https://youtu.be/vVUA-wJkmrs


Watch this episode of the Fire Engineering: The Future Firefighter Podcast with Deputy Chief Billy Goldfeder, Training Chief Dave McGlynn, and Jason Patton.

The episode starts at 1:55:00 and concludes at 2:33:41.

Please also tune in for the Views of the Jumpseat Podcast with host, Ryan Pennington, John Hayowyk and Sean Eagen at 3:04:47 and concludes at 3:27:50.

fire engineering talk radio


Fire Engineering: The Future Firefighter Podcast



Hosts Chris Baker and Chief Jacob McAfee discuss mentoring in the fire service with Deputy Chief Frank Viscuso on the topic of leading yourself to success.

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Jumpseat Radio 092 Live from FDIC



What happens when you get Ryan Pennington together with 5 presenters and 4 Podcast hosts around the FDIC Firehouse Kitchen table?!? You record one of the all-time best episodes of Views from the Jumpseat Podcast, FDIC Edition!  Tune in, listen to this episode and get a preview of FDIC International 2019!

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Jumpseat Radio 093 Live from FDIC Hour 2



In this episode ofJumpseatRadio Ryan welcomes a round table discussion LIVE from FDIC 2019.  Listen in as the fella’s sit down and talk shop!

fire engineering talk radio

Episide 1952: The Future Firefighter

Tune in for this episode with guest Christopher Connelly, Regional Fire Chief, Navy Region Southwest Fire & Emergency Services Federal Fire with co-hosts Chris Baker and Deputy Chief Jacob McAfee as they discuss opportunities in the Federal Fire Service as a Department of Defense Firefighter.

fire engineering talk radio

Episide 1887: The Future Firefighter

Hosts Chris Baker and Chief Jacob McAfee discuss the significance of this impactful day in the history of the fire service. Tune in and listen to this discussion as they share how this day ultimately contributed to their involvement in this honorable profession.

fire engineering talk radio

Episide 1874: Fire And Training

This episode of the Fire Engineering Blog Talk Radio, Fire and Training, with host Chief Douglas Cline, we discuss the 2018 California wildfires, training, mentoring and leaving the fire service better than we found it. Thank you, Chief Cline, for the opportunity to be a guest on your show and thank you for all your mentorship over the years.

fire engineering talk radio

Episide 1858: Future Firefighter

This episode of the Fire Engineering Blog Talk Radio, The Future Firefighter, is with my good friend, mentor and fellow fire service instructor Deputy Chief Steve Prziborowski and co-host Chief Jacob McAfee as we discuss the entry-level firefighter interview process. If you are on the firefighter testing circuit, this is one show you don't want to miss as we share the valuable information that can help you advance through the firefighter candidate hiring process.

fire engineering talk radio

Episide 1828: The Future Firefighter

Host Chris Baker talks with special guest San Francisco (CA) Assistant Chief Nicol Juratovac about mentoring tips for the future female firefighter.  This show will discuss the future female firefighter highlighting the importance of having a mentor to help you overcome both mental and physical obstacles to achieve this highly desired position in the fire service. Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this Fire Engineering blog talk radio show are not the views of the San Francisco Fire Department.

5 alarm

5 Alarm Task Force! - Steve Greene

If I asked you what is the most important character trait for a firefighter, what would be your answer? Bravery? Strength? Stamina? They all sound imperative, right? 
Perhaps, but there is more to it than those. What could outrank those three aspects? Our guest on this episode is Captain/Instructor Chris Baker. In this podcast, Chris explains that it is your desire, no, hunger to learn, that will dictate the type of firefighter you are or will be. And mind you, this has nothing necessarily to do with climbing rank. Chris' resume demonstrates that he "practices what he preaches." Moreover, he teaches it, as well. So join us as Instructor Baker, discusses education in the fire service, mentoring and what he sees for the future firefighter.

fire engineering talk radio

Episode 1761 - Building the Unbreakable Future Firefighter

This episode covers the application phase of the recruitment process and how to be an unbreakable candidate as you progress through the hiring process. Topics include: The Entry Level Firefighter Application, Resume & Cover Letter, Physical Agility - CPAT, Written Exam, Interview and Background Process.

the firefighter podcast

The Firefighter Podcast: Episode 011 - Firehouse Kitchen Table and Networking With Chris Baker 


This episode discussing networking in the fire service.  Some great insight from Chris Baker.  We also talk about the formation of The Firehouse Kitchen Table and how you could benefit from your own accountability group.

situational awareness radio

Situational Awareness Matters Radio: Episode 41 Preparing to Be a Leader

In this episode Dr. Gasaway interviews Santa Clara County Deputy Chief Steve Prziborowski, Contra Costa Battalion Chief Bob Atlas and Pinole Firefighter Christopher Baker on how to prepare for promotion to ensure you are providing the right safety leadership to your crew. 

fire engineering talk radio

Episode 1724 - The Future Firefighter

In this debut show, Chris Baker talks about fire service mentorship and engaging the future members of our profession in a positive way.

This show will discuss the importance of implementing a plan and the process of becoming a firefighter. If you are interested in pursuing a career in the fire service; tune in and listen as we discuss the importance of planning for success mentally, emotionally, and physically.

fire engineering talk radio

Episode 1590 - Building the Unbreakable Firefighter on Fire Engineering Blog Talk Radio

Listen to this Episode of ‘Building the Unbreakable Firefighter’ with Host Ryan Pennington and guests Lieutenant Chris Gilpin with First-In Last Out Fire Equipment & Training LLC & Battalion Chief Jason Fullmer with Ambassadors of the Craft.  This episode discusses the importance of rudimentary training, inspiring the future of the fire service and sharing the passion for the job.

fire engineering talk radio

Episode 1251 - Building the Unbreakable Firefighter on Fire Engineering Blog Talk Radio

Listen to this Great Episode of 'Building the Unbreakable Firefighter' with Host Ryan Pennington, guests Captain John Hayowyk and Chris Baker.  This episode highlights the importance of training and educating the future of the Fire Service.  Make the Commitment of being a Lifelong Learner and strive to make Everyday a Training Day.

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