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  08/09/2017 Fire Engineering Newsletter Why I Became a Public Servant  Read More Here At Fire Engineering
    08/03/2017 Fire Engineering Newsletter Leading Throughout Probation and Beyond in the Fire Service, Part 6   Read More Here At Fire Engineering
  The stage is set. In the audience are family members, friends and mentors patiently watching you on stage for your pinning ceremony. There are few milestones in life that are held in such high regard. The moment when you find the one you want to spend the rest of your life with and marry to become your significant other. The birth of a child
  07/28/2017 Check out a roundup of recent posts from our featured contributors, including John Dixon on principles and morals, James Johnson on the importance of fire protection for suppression side members, P.J. Norwood on safety messaging, and more! Read More Here At Fire Engineering
  Last week we discussed two very important character traits; those traits were maintaining a strong work ethic and taking the proper initiative.  This week we are going to cover two more equally important character traits that will help you achieve success throughout your fire service career: You must maintain a positive attitude, and Ha
  There are two character traits that will help you stand out from the rest throughout the probationary period; those traits are maintaining a strong work ethic and taking the proper initiative. When it is time to go to work, you have to roll up your sleeves, because work is always the answer. Take initiative when something needs attention aro
  This is a profession where you have to make the commitment of becoming a lifelong learner. The fire academy is over and now you have found yourself in the Jumpseat. Congratulations, you have arrived; however, the learning doesn’t stop at the completion of the recruit academy! The learning has just begun with the start of the probationary per
You have survived the first week as a probationary firefighter in the best career in the world. You might need to pinch yourself because you possibly feel like you just won the lottery. The first week undoubtedly went by so fast, that it feels like a blur and you are still in the process of trying to find out how you will “fit-in” to the firehouse
  From our first day in the fire service, we have the opportunity to be a leader and lead throughout probation and well beyond, until long after our retirement.  This article is not the perfect recipe or golden ticket to pass probation.  It takes more than a list of rules to be successful in passing probation.  Ultimately, the r
  In my fire service career, I have worked many different shift schedules.  When I first started as a volunteer, I signed up for 24-hour shifts on a Kelly Schedule as a paid reserve.  About a year later, I received the opportunity to be a wildland firefighter and transitioned to the 72-hour shift schedule. As a wildland firefighter,
You never know what to expect when you sign up to be a volunteer.  I had the opportunity to serve as an Ambassador for the Firehouse Expo 2015 Conference in Baltimore, Maryland.  I was very fortunate to assist with setting up the inaugural Legends and Icons Event for the Firehouse Hall of Fame.  This was one of the most memorable vol
  It has been a little over a year since my last blog article.   I have faced some challenges this past year and I welcome this opportunity to share how I overcame those hurdles.  It is in my own personal opinion; that it is from those trials that is when we truly learn who we are.  The motto of the fire service is to impro
  Prior to the pursuit of my dream career position in the fire service, my original dream was representing the United States as an Olympic Hopeful for the sport of Greco-Roman wrestling.  I spent the majority of my childhood and early adult life preparing for the opportunity to be a member of Team USA Wrestling.  I started my athleti
Over the years I have volunteered for various organizations.  When I first started my career in the fire service, I began as a volunteer and, this original experience taught me the importance of volunteerism.  One of the most rewarding volunteer experiences is when I traveled to Port-au-Prince, Haiti after the devastating earthquake in 20
  I will never forget the day, I signed up to be a volunteer firefighter for my community.  In 2005, I can recall watching the devastation on TV from the natural disaster Hurricane Katrina and Rita in the Gulf Region of the United States.  I felt like I needed to help in some form or fashion, I wanted to do something.  At the ti
Do you embrace change or do you resist it?  Do you approach a conversation with an open mind or do you approach the discussion with a closed mind?  Are you willing to accept technological advances or discredit them?  Are you willing to pull up a chair at the table and join the conversation? I am a humble public servant.  My ulti
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